Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming should be performed under the supervision of a trained expert. At Pro Iowa Tree Service, we work with the best arborists in town. We can offer an expert recommendation based on the unique needs of your trees. We understand that every tree is different from the rest. Therefore, it requires specific care that only professionals can provide. Our arborists can take care of the needs of your trees and make sure they reach their full potential. 

Tree trimming comes in different forms, depending on the end goal. For the most part, trees can take care of themselves and come out strong. However, if a tree is planted in a yard, the situation alters, and it needs human intervention to ensure its health and safety. 

Purpose of Tree Trimming 

We believe that tree trimming should get as much attention as tree removal. Well-maintained trees enhance the overall appeal of your landscape. It also keeps you safe from falling limbs and branches. Trees that go untrimmed for a long time are more susceptible to growing unsightly and unhealthy. 

​It is not known to all property owners that trimming requires skills and experience. The process is a combination of science and art. Trimming a tree using the correct technique can be learned through time and experience, but the more difficult part is taking care of the job’s art aspect. Deviating from a tree’s natural structure can take its toll not only on the tree’s aesthetics but also on its health. Keep in mind that trimming should be done with the tree’s overall health and appearance in consideration. 

You can debate us when we say that most landscape trees in the region could use some trimming. Sadly, most homeowners fail to see its importance until something wrong comes up. Trees can take care of themselves only to a certain extent— especially those planted in an urban area. Landscape trees should be kept in the right height and shape, so they don’t creep roofs and windows. Weak branches and limbs need to be cut away because they can be hazardous when a storm hits. If left untrimmed, trees can cause risky situations. To ensure the overall wellness and aesthetics of your trees, it is best to keep them in good shape. 

How to Properly Trim a Tree

We initiate our tree trimming service by coming to your property and assessing the tree or trees you want to have trimmed. Our arborist will inspect every aspect of the tree and determine the extent of trimming required. We will locate dead, dying, and weak branches that need to be removed for safety reasons. Then we will walk you through the process and let you know the method we will use to trim your tree. This is also the part where you can tell us whatever special instructions and preferences you have in mind. You can be assured that we will do our best to accommodate your requests, given that it will not cause any adverse effects on the tree. At that time, we can provide you with a detailed estimate with every information regarding the project. You can tell us the most convenient time and day for us to complete the task, and we will be there as agreed. Our main cutter will take care of the branches that need to go, while our ground crew will make sure the site is free from debris and dirt. When we are done with the service, you will see no trace of debris, and your tree is restored of its beauty and health.

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