Stump Grinding & Removal

There are two effective ways to get rid of unsightly stumps: grinding and digging it out off the ground. Pro Iowa Tree Service in Davenport, IA  utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to grind the stump into small bits until it is no longer visible on the ground. When it comes to total stump removal, we use our medium backhoe to unearth and pull the stump together with the root structure off the ground. In most cases, our residential clients opt for the grinding process because of the minimal effects it has, especially to the surrounding areas. On the other hand, commercial property owners resort to stump removal to give way to future construction. 

For most of our clients, they go for stump grinding because of its practicality and effectiveness. We will bring our industrial-grade stump grinders to eliminate the sight of the stump. Ideally, we will grind the stump until it is six inches below the earth—good enough to get rid of its sight.  

Stumps differ in terms of the challenge and effort involved in removing them. This is due to the species, and naturally, makeup of the tree it belongs to. Some stumps are easier and more convenient to eliminate, while others take more time and workforce. For instance, Oak and Maple belong to the more difficult species to take down because they are typically hardwood. While conifers, like Pines, are more convenient to get rid of. Also, older stumps are easier to grind compared to newer stumps, which are more resistant. We will also consider the size of the stump when determining the difficulty-level of removing it. Whatever the circumstances of the stump in your yard, Pro Iowa Tree Service can take care of it in a fraction of time. 

Stump Grinding Process

Our approach to eliminating a stump involves the following steps: 

  • We will kick off the project by clearing the site of rock, twigs, and other debris that can affect the smooth process of stump grinding  
  • We will use a chainsaw to reduce the stump’s size if it has not been cut as low to the ground. This will allow for a more convenient process of stump grinding 
  • During this time, we will bring our stump grinder in position inches above the stump. We will then lower it to begin the grinding process. 
  • Our stump grinder will maneuver back and forth of the stump until we have processed it into small pieces. The process will go on until the stump is six inches below the ground. 
  • Ultimately, we will clear the sight of wood chips and other forms of debris in the area. If you prefer, we can replant the area with sod or grass. 

The complete stump grinding typically takes up to one and a half hours to finish, given the stump’s size, species, and age. While the process of stump grinding can be a dirty task, our workers at Pro Iowa Tree Service can make sure to finish the undertaking efficiently. We employ safe practices in performing stump grinding to ensure the success of the project. You can take advantage of our multi-stump discount if you have more than one stump to remove in your yard.

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