Emergency Tree Removal

In the event of an emergency concerning your trees, Pro Iowa Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency storm damage response. We are not new to situations involving toppled trees and fallen branches and limbs due to storms, high winds, or ice. Trees can be on the receiving end of nature’s wrath and reap its consequences. It is crucial to resolve the situation before something worse takes place. 

Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Service 

When a tree in your yard falls on your property, you have to make sure everyone is safe. You should then call your insurance provider and disclose every pertinent information that will help resolve the issue. If you contact us, we can help with the insurance company and make sure you can obtain a claim number in no time. Once settled, you should immediately call a reputable tree company to take care of the situation. Pro Iowa Tree Service offers seasoned and expert emergency tree service at a reasonable price. 

Fast Responses to Emergencies 

  • When you contact us, one of our representatives will address the issue and help you
  • We will walk you through the process and answer your questions 
  • We will send our worker to assess the situation and provide a detailed estimate 

Bear in mind that tree service is dangerous, especially emergency tree removal. As much as possible, we don’t recommend working on a tree after dark because it could lead to more serious problems. We will start the tree removal project in Davenpoas soon as the sun rises for everyone’s safety. Our team will walk you through the process of removing the tree and other tree-related debris and leave no grey area. 

Process of Emergency Tree Service 

Some emergency tree removal call for the use of heavy equipment such as cranes. At Pro Iowa Tree Service, we have a fully operational crane and other tools to carry out the task easily. Our crews are trained to operate this machinery so you can have the peace of mind that real professionals are handling your concern. Not everyone can safely carry out this task, which is why it is critical to do the job with experienced workers’ assistance. Also, our equipment is well maintained to ensure its functionality every time we perform a task. 

When it comes to situations where a tree falls onto a house or a structure, the insurance company typically covers the cost. However, if the tree doesn’t fall on any property, the homeowner usually assumes responsibility. It is best to talk to your insurance company to be clear about their policy regarding liabilities. 

In situations like these, we encourage you not to depend on just any tree company you see on the internet. Only trust professional and experienced tree company with an impeccable track record like Pro Iowa Tree Service. We are complete with insurance and license to keep you and our workers safe. We want you to have peace of mind that you will not be liable in the event of an accident while we are in your property. You can depend on us to be there when you need our service most.

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