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Tree Service in Davenport, IA

Pro Iowa Tree Service in Davenport, IA has mastered the craft of providing quality yet affordable tree care throughout the city. Since our humble beginnings in 2010, we have built a reputation that the community can rely on and trust. We are not only known for our flawless work but our excellent customer service, which sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

​We supply a wide range of tree care service, including: 

​It is hard to imagine a beautiful yard without healthy and vibrant trees. Trees are a vital aspect of any property that can either make or break the place’s overall look. With trees, the value of your property can double. But without proper care, trees can turn into a hazardous liability. As a property owner, it’s your duty to maintain the health and appearance of your trees for your own benefit. Tree care may sound simple but not entirely. Some situations call for professional help, and that is where Pro Iowa Tree Service comes in. 

​If you find yourself in need of expert tree care, for an affordable price, our team can help. Our hardworking arborist will come to your house and assess your tree’s situation and begin work from there. You can count on us to bring the best results that will guarantee satisfaction.

Why Hire Pro Iowa Tree Service

Tree service is not a job for the inexperienced. When hiring a tree company, it is crucial to look for key qualities that will ensure the overall quality of the outcome. 

Honest and Honorable– We are proud to say that we’re able to last in the business because of honesty and integrity. Whatever concerns you have with your tree’s health and safety, you can trust us to do our best to bring about desirable results. We will keep our communication lines open and leave no room for confusion and doubt. If you have questions about our service, you can expect straightforward answers from our representatives. 

Affordability- We understand that one of the many reasons why property owners rule out the idea of professional tree service is because of its cost. At Pro Iowa Tree Service, we believe that quality tree care should be accessible to everyone. Thus, we keep our services affordable yet high quality. You don’t have to choose between affordability and standard because we can give you both. 

Reliability- Reliability is a big word when it comes to tree service. You don’t want a company that will leave you hanging after the first call. When you come to us for help, we will make sure to attend to your tree’s needs until they are met. We have proven our worth when it comes to dependability throughout the years, and we have hundreds of loyal customers who can vouch for our work. We don’t slack off until we are sure you are happy with our work. 

Fast Response- Time is a valuable thing when it comes to tree service. When you first contact us, you can expect one of our team members to go to your property and inspect your tree. We will make sure to address every aspect of the project and provide a detailed estimate of the task to be completed. If you have clarifications about the project, please don’t hesitate to ask us, and we will be more than glad to walk you through the process.

Our Tree Services

No tree service is beyond our capacity. We are a team of expert and trained professionals who are passionate about trees. With our wide selection of services, you can be assured that we can accommodate your tree’s unique needs. We are proud to be the tree company that most homeowners in the area rely on. Throughout our years in the business, we have made a mark and proven ourselves worthy of our clients’ trust. Don’t go looking anywhere else. Pro Iowa Tree Service is the company you need for high-quality, affordable, and efficient tree service. You can choose from the following services we offer:

Tree Removal

​Tree removal in Davenport, IA takes more than just basic knowledge of trees and owning a chainsaw. The process presents risks and dangers that can put anyone in a life or death situation. If you do not have proper training and the correct equipment to take on the task, steer clear from the undertaking. Different aspects and factors should be taken into account before performing a tree removal, particularly emergency tree removal. Hazardous power lines and limbs can put you in danger if you don’t see them in the area. When it comes to situations like these, you need assistance from a professional tree company. Pro Iowa Tree Service offers superior tree removal and emergency tree removal service that will help you ease your worries about your dangerous tree. 

You can rest assured that our certified arborists will handle all your tree removal concerns, no matter the job’s size. When we’re done with the work, your property’s safety will be restored, and the dangerous tree removed. If any of the trees in your yard looks hazardous or unhealthy, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will be right there to offer fast and reliable service. 

Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming is an essential feature of tree maintenance, yet is often overlooked. We believe that it should not be the case. Some property owners are unaware of the importance of trimming to the general health of trees. It can save your tree from decline and keep you safe from its consequences. 

Trimming in trees is like a hair cut in humans. It goes beyond the aspect of aesthetics but more on health and safety. There is a proper way to perform trimming to achieve optimum results. If you are not trained and experienced, you may just be putting your tree and self in a bad situation that you will later regret. Certified arborists are aware of the method and timing of trimming that will not jeopardize your trees’ health. 

Pro Iowa Tree Service in Davenport, IA will take care of the weak, dead, and dying branches and limbs of your trees so they can be revived of their appearance and wellness. Trimming and pruning will go a long way if done correctly by the right company. 

Stump Grinding 

When you have had a tree removed, the next thing you need to deal with is an ugly stump. Unfortunately, some homeowners allow stumps to stay in their yard to decompose. They are unaware of the dangers it may bring to them and the rest of the healthy trees in their landscape. Stumps can attract a multitude of parasitic insects and pests. This can cause diseases that may impact other plantings in the vicinity. That is why it is crucial to take care of the stump before it creates trouble in the future. 

Stump grinding is one of our featured services that you can take advantage of at a reasonable price. We are equipped with cutting-edge machines and tools that can help us get rid of any stump, in any location. With us working on the stump, you can rest assured that it will be gone in a day.

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DIY vs. Professional Tree Services

We are in an era where almost everything can be done on your own, with the help of online tutorials or articles. However, tree care is not one of the things that you should put in your DIY list. A lot of unwanted accidents happen while trying to carry out tree care, and this is what we want to prevent. Tree maintenance is not the easiest job in the world. It requires proper training and the correct technique to ensure success. 

Leaving the task to a real specialist gives you peace of mind that the project will be done correctly and safely. Don’t take chances and put yourself and your family’s life in danger. Call our friendly and approachable team for a high-quality yet affordable tree care service. 

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We offer cost-effective tree service to both residential and commercial properties in Davenport, IA. We believe that tree care should be a top priority and not just a last resort. Trees need more than watering and fertilizing, and we can provide those requirements and more. If you are looking for a tree company that can deliver premier yet affordable tree service, you have come to the right place. We are composed of expert arborists with years of experience in the industry and a passion for tree care.

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